121227 Sooyoung Official Website Picture and Message Translated – [From. SOOYOUNG]

Published Desember 27, 2012 by kyuyoungknight


여러부운~~~크리스마스 잘 보냈어요^ㅡ^?
수영이는 지독한 감기에 걸려,
홋카이도에서도.. 병원신세를…
산타클로소원들의 선물에 극뽀옥~!
행복한 크리스마스가 되었답니다아♥_♥
너무 고마워요♥

오늘 I got a boy 의 드라마티저가 공개되었어요^ㅡ^
1월1일까지 얼마 안 남았다!! ^^ ㅎㅎ 기대 많이 해줘요^3^
날씨가 많이 추워요!! 감!기!조!심! ^^~

Everyone~~~ Did you have a good Christmas ^ㅡ^?
Sooyoung caught a bad cold,
and even in Hokkaido.. Had to be…
in the hospita…. but……..!!!!!
I got recovered from Santa ClauSONEs’ presents~!
It was a happy Christmas♥_♥
Thank you so much♥

The drama teaser for I got a boy releaesd today ^ㅡ^
It’s not long until January 1st!! ^^ Hehe anticipate it a lot ^3^
The weather’s really cold!! Be!careful!not!to!catch!a!cold! ^^~

from girlsgeneration.smtown.com 

Trans from ch0sshi

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