121227 – Super Junior’s Kyuhyun says, “I performed a kissing scene behind a hat”

Published Desember 27, 2012 by kyuyoungknight


Super Junior’s Kyuhyun recently talked about a behind-the-scenes story about a kissing scene with musical actress Kim So Hyun.

On the episode of MBC TV’s Golden Fishery – Radio Star that aired on December 26, Kyuhyun flashed back to the time when he played in the musical The Three Musketeers with Kim, who appeared on the show as a guest, and said he played a kissing scene with her.

Kyuhyun said he is close to Kim because he played the role of Kim’s lover in the musical. At this, Kim Yeon Woo asked, “If you played the role of Kim So Hyun’s lover, was there a kissing scene with her?”

Kyuhyun said, “Yes, there was, but we performed it behind a hat.” At this, host Yoon Jong Shin said, “They could have done really passionately if they did it behind a hat,” and Kyuhyun got laughs by saying, “I don’t remember what exactly happened at that time, either.”

Kim Tae Won, Kim Yeon Woo, Kim So Hyun, and Brave Brothers, the judges of MBC TV’s Star Audition The Great Birth, appeared on the episode as guests.

[121227/VID] MBC ‘Radio Star’ E308 – Kyuhyun cut (from 121226)

Credit: enkorea.com



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